Lord Provost Donald Wilson hosted an event on Friday 31 August at the Bilston Glen Industrial Estate, home of the iconic Pyramid Building. The building is owned by Survey Solutions Scotland and the Lord Provost presented a certificate to the company in recognition of its commitment to energy and carbon reduction.
The Lord Provost said:-“On becoming Lord Provost in May, I identified sustainability as one of my key priorities and made a personal commitment to lowering my own carbon footprint. I now drive a hybrid car and have solar panels on my house.
Of course, improving efficiency relies on innovation but also education and I would encourage local businesses to make the most of this opportunity.”
Sustainable Renewable Technologies (SRT) only started out in April this year but has already worked on several high-profile projects including the Pyramid Building where they were engaged to install solar PV. The company has installed a 48.25 kW system which will generate an estimated 85% of Survey Solutions Scotland’s electricity requirements. The total financial benefit, including Green Energy Cashback payments, will be in excess of £10,000 a year plus a reduction in CO2 emissions of 36,000 kg each year.
SRT MD Tom King, an expert in the renewable energy sector, says: “I would be glad to discuss any aspects of renewable energy with other local businesses.
“We can arrange finance for renewable energy projects that means they are effectively self-funding from day one. This enables businesses to protect their business from spiralling energy costs while helping the environment and making an investment for the future – it’s a win-win situation.”
The Pyramid Building is expected to attract national interest. Its location on the Bilston Glen Industrial Estate is on the site of the former Bilston Glen Colliery.
 Tom King adds: “I started my working life at the nearby Lady Victoria Colliery as an Apprentice Surveyor, aged sixteen, and later became a Planner for Bilston Glen Colliery. I am now working on the site for environmental reasons so I’m very happy to say I’ve moved on from the black stuff to the green stuff!”