Train or plane: the great debate of London travel

When it comes to visiting London, there are many factors which tourists must take into consideration. Typically accommodation and attractions will feature at the top of the list when it comes to planning your trip, but what about travel?

Irrespective of where you’re travelling from, arriving in London can be an expensive venture if you make the wrong decision. For most modern travellers, cheap airfare is often the first port of call when travelling to a destination as well connected as London – but this does not necessarily mean it is the correct choice.

For those interested in saving as much money as possible, alternative forms of transport are often more lucrative. Train ticket prices, for example, are bound to be cheaper than their equivalent airfare and this means that those choosing to travel to London via train can do so at a much lower cost.

The benefits of train travel

 Of course, lower costs are not the only benefit of choosing to travel to London by train. This form of travel is often considered far more relaxing and whilst the journey time may take longer, there is no airport waiting time or any queues for you to contend with.

 This makes the overall process is more streamlined, providing plenty of benefits to travellers. The space found aboard trains is also usually more generous than your economy airplane cabin, making the journey more comfortable.

For those interested in getting the best views of London as they arrive, travelling by train is highly recommended. The backdrop of the city will loom into view as you approach with the relaxed speed of travel allowing you to take in all of the sights of this iconic city.

Keeping travel costs low

Of course, just because train travel offers numerous benefits over airfare doesn’t mean it can’t still be improved. Naturally, visitors will want to save as much money as possible when travelling to somewhere like London and companies such as East Coast Trains offer some of the cheapest train fares around.

These are available online and for those who choose to book far in advance, there are significant savings to be made. The price of train tickets will naturally vary depending on where you are travelling from and at what time, with peak fares slightly dearer than those for off-peak times.

Who you are travelling with can also influence the cost of your travel, with group bookings standing to save as much as one third on their booking. This can even be applied to groups of various sizes, with the discount applying to parties of between 3 and 9 people.

Those interested in making further savings can even opt to join loyalty schemes offered by East Coast. These allow travellers to earn points on their journeys, giving them access to a range of free services alongside reduced rail ticket prices. Rewards could cover anything from free Wi-Fi connectivity to access to the First Class Lounge while onboard.


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