Thursday saw Edinburgh band The Asps perform the first of two concerts during the Edinburgh Festival as part of Scottish Fantasia.

The band, fresh from a triumphant but mind-blowing 3-gigs-in-one-day at Hyde Park and Victoria Park as part of BT London Live during the Olympics, entertained a healthy-sized audience at the Ross Bandstand in Princes Street Gardens.

When the band were playing more and more people stopped to watch the band, and every song was well-received by the crowd which was a mixture of locals and tourists with plenty of pictures and videos of the band being taken.  I got the feeling that people were getting the impression that this band are about to embark on bigger and better things comments such as “Wow, what a great sound” and “Where can I buy their songs?” cements the popularity this band are gathering for themselves.

PJ Dourley lead singer of The Asps said after the gig “We enjoyed that, it’s always great to play in your hometown, and especially during the greatest festival in the world. We appreciate everyone who came to specifically see us and indeed everyone who stopped by while we were playing we were so grateful to everyone”

Next Thursday The Asps will be playing in the same place at 1.30pm to round off a few hectic months for the band. PJ went on to add:-  “All this is gearing us toward recording our debut album with world renowned producer Ron Nevison and with the back up of Reverbnation who have done so much for us already, and of course Hard Rock Cafe here in Edinburgh and all our families, friends and fans. We are enjoying every single thing we do, but are taking nothing for granted. We will strive to keep working as hard as we can on our music to make sure we play our very best everytime we play.”

So if you want the chance to see The Asps and get a taste of what all the excitement for this band is about I would suggest getting along to the Ross Bandstand next Thursday.

Setlist for the gig was:

Think about you, Keep, What we hear, Learn to Cry, Microchip, Littleman, Dark Romance, Borrowed emotions, All The Wrong Idols and an Encore of a revised Keep.

Pictures courtesy of: Richard Findlay   FotoFling Scotland