Formally excellent and intellectually and emotionally challenging,  I Am Son is another stunning example of contemporary Italian dance at the Fringe.

Lara Guidetti has choreographed this exploration of the European sense of identity, but the work outreaches this theme to deal with what it means to be human in the world today. The issues are universal.

She performs it at Dance Base with Francesco Perelli and Federico Melca  who begin with movement from the dawn of life in the natural world: plant growth and flowering to respiration and the simplest beings and creatures.

The historical account refers to nationalism and totalitarianism, and dwells on the alienation and torture that people suffer and the violent responses to these problems. The  work explores contemporary society as well as the past to understand where to go in the future.

Movement, drama and sound blend perfectly to describe our confusion and tragicomic predicament in the natural world.

I Am Son , 16-25 August, Various times, Dance Base , £10