Yolanda Luca set up her new venture, selling ice cream from a police box on Rose Street, only last week.

To say that it has not been ice cream weather since then is perhaps to state the obvious.

But this morning was a lovely sunny day, until the businesswoman got to her kiosk to open up and found some council contractors digging up the street with a JCB. Yolanda said:-“I have already encountered so many obstacles with the council since taking over this site. It took more than a few phone calls to get the shade of purple paint that the council would approve for one thing! Now, when it’s the first sunny day, and we were looking forward to selling some of our ice cream, I arrived to find the street being dug up! I cannot get anyone at the council to answer my questions about this. I had no prior warning, and although the workmen were very polite, it would have been good to have some notice. They have been digging up the paving stones around the box. The JCB seemed a bit unnecessary to me, but since I don’t really even know what they were doing it is probably some health and safety thing. They could just have phoned us!”

Luca is the well-known ice cream company based in Musselburgh. Their website has their whole business history which culminates with the third generation taking the business forward in the 21st century, of which Yolanda is one.

A Council spokeswoman explained:- “This is part of work being carried out by the Council to replace monoblocks in preparation of new planters being installed, which will enhance the area by making it more attractive.

“Consultation is not usually carried out when the work is minor, but we do apologise for any disruption which was caused.”

The workmen had gone by lunchtime today, so time to get yourself a cone!