The Fascinating Mummies Exhibition at The National Museum of Scotland is nearing the end of its run, so you had better hurry if you have not yet been along to see it.

The popular exhibition has been running since the start of February and is due to come to a close on Sunday 27 May. While the museum has an Ancient Egypt gallery, this additional exhibit allows you to see the mummies as you have never seen them before.

Many of the objects on display come from the world famous Rijksmuseum van Oudheden , Leiden, The Netherlands, but they are displayed along with the museum’s own treasures.

These include objects dating as far back as 4000BC, some of which offer explanations to rituals and elucidate some lessons in history. Along with numerous collections of jewellery, painted coffins and ornaments there is a quick history that is simple to follow as well as interactive activities for all ages. However, thanks to several research organisations, including Edinburgh University and Edinburgh Napier University, you will see more of the mummies than has ever been possible.

With the help of X-ray and CAT scans you can now see and learn about everything from height, age, health, cause of death and even an artist’s impression of how the person might once have looked is available.

The display has been visited by locals and tourists from all over the world and has proven popular with visitors of all ages. This is the last week and we would urge you not to  miss your chance to what many are calling a once in a lifetime opportunity. (And one that we really enjoyed!)