Four councillors have been elected to represent this ward.

Paul Godzik Labour with 2053 votes

Sandy Howat SNP with 1650 votes

Melanie Main Green 2064 votes

Mark McInnes Cons 3125 votes


Jenny Dawe – Scottish Liberal Democrats 1285 votes

Paul Godzik – The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate 2053 votes

Sandy Howat – Scottish National Party (SNP) 1650 votes

Phil Hunt – Pirate Party Scotland 195 votes

William David Mitchell Macadam – UK Independence Party (UKIP) 79 votes

Melanie Main – Scottish Green Party 2064 votes

Mark McInnes – Scottish Conservative and Unionist 3125 votes

The 2007 election results were as follows:-

2007 CE 10 Meadows Morning Side Result