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The council elections are over but there is still some talking to be done. Labour emerged with most seats, but the SNP group are close behind, trailing only by two seats. The Green Group have doubled their presence and now have six councillors across the city and the LibDems are left with only three councillors, Robert Aldridge, Paul Edie and a new councillor, Alastair Shields who was elected in Almond Ward.

We eagerly await the outcome of the discussions as to whether the Labour Group will run the city from a minority or in some kind of formal coalition with another group or groups. There has also been some comment about who the new Lord Provost might be. The Lord Provost is chosen from the 58 councillors. Who do you think it should be? It is of course up to the other councillors to choose the figurehead who also becomes Lord Lieutenant of Edinburgh, and at least two of the Labour Group have already had the honour bestowed upon them in the past, but it is an interesting topic! The former Deputy Provost Rob Munn lost his seat at the election, as reported in The Edinburgh Evening News. 


Lothian Buses have told The Daily Record that they have had to set up a raffle for the privilege of driving the bus carrying the Scottish Cup Winners on their victory parade after the cup final on 19 May 2012. No matter who wins it will be an Edinburgh team! It seems that many of the Lothian Buses drivers would like to be there in the midst of the celebrations. We can’t think of anything worse than driving a double decker with loads of people stamping around upstairs….!


The Quartermile Development at the old Edinburgh Royal Infirmary site has been a success according to the latest report in The Sunday Herald which claims that two new tenants are planning on moving in along with 200 workers who will all be able to sample the delights of working in a central location with good eating facilities nearby, the delights of The Meadows on a sunny day and a new bookshop.


Meanwhile The Scotsman reported that plans have been lodged with the council to redevelop the Royal Bank’s former HQ in St Andrew Square into a hotel, a shop or even houses. There are no documents yet lodged on the public planning portal that we can see, so we shall have to wait for more information to become available. Meantime plans have been lodged in Leith to turn a pub into a coffee shop at 21-25 Duke Street. Sign of the times?


Edinburgh-based Smashing Press has just published a novella which is only available in digital format.

Colin Galbraith’s second crime book of 2012 is an action-packed novella based on the Greek island of Rhodes, and is called Greener is the Grass.

When Jamie Tosh takes a summer job as a holiday rep on the Greek island of Rhodes, he has high hopes of changing his life for good. But paradise turns to hell, when days before his fiancee is due to fly out to meet him, a young girl is murdered in the hotel grounds — and he’s the top suspect. With no way off the island and almost nobody to turn to, Jamie discovers that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Greener is the Grass is Colin Galbraith’s second crime offering in 2012. A novella inspired by an event on a family holiday in Rhodes, it is the quintessential read for all holidaymakers heading off this summer with their Kindle packed to go with them.

“The idea for ‘Greener’ came to me while on holiday in Rhodes a couple of years ago,” explains Galbraith. “We experienced an earthquake that hit 6.3 on the Richter Scale, and one evening at the hotel a small child went missing for over an hour. One thing led to another and the book was born before I even left the island.”

“It’s the perfect book for your Kindle or e-reader if you’re planning on going away this year,” insists Galbraith. “It’s an exciting read, and because it’s located in the type of place many Brits will be flying out to, it’ll be like living the book as it unfolds.”

When asked why the new novella will only be available as an ebook, Galbraith said: “With the publishing industry expanding further into the word of ebooks, I’m delighted to continue connecting with more of my readers through digital formats.”