We told you earlier this week about  Edinburgh businesswoman, Bonnie Lawson-Brown, and the new shopping app she has just devised. We just had to find out more about her, after hearing her exciting news.

Who are you, and where did you come from?

I am Bonnie Lawson-Brown. I moved to Edinburgh from Germany and I have been a forces wife for 16 yrs.

What is the business book you recommend that everyone should read? 

Richard Branson: Losing my Virginity. It offers a wealth of knowledge and advice as well as a ‘laugh out loud\ read.

What do you think your business strengths and weaknesses are?

I enjoy interacting with people very much.  I can mix on all levels and I don’t get intimidated easily! <y weakness could be my love of talking (a little too much at times…..).

What was the defining moment on your career path that has got you where you are now? 

 It was realising that I could build my own business by offering a brand new service not already offered or used whilst walking along Princes Street.  On a busy weekday I recognised the potential for Silver IMP in my very own eureka moment! After moving to Edinburgh I decided that I am not ever leaving. I then wondered how would I be able to achieve this, and decided it would be by setting up and starting my own business.

How do you spend your spare time?

I love to explore the beautiful city of Edinburgh, taking in all the architecture and the coffee shops. I also find that costume books and dramas are my favourite ways to relax.

Do you think you achieve a good work/life balance?

Yes, I leave the weekends, especially Sundays, free to take a walk along Edinburgh’s beautiful beaches with my boys and my pooch.

What makes Edinburgh the best location for you to live and/or work?

I find Edinburgh to be a beautiful inspiration, and also it is an empowering feeling to be in the ‘hub’ of things here.

What is your special area of Edinburgh, or special place in Edinburgh and why?  

Princes Street gardens to take time out for coffee and lunch before and after meetings, and Portbello beach for the people, pooches and the chippy!

Do you have a business mentor?

I have some very good people supporting me just now. My family and friends of course but also my husband, my rock. My support from the Business Gateway and Edinburgh Chamber’s high growth business advisor, David Chisholm, has been exemplary.

My PR lady Clare Graham at Advantage PR was heaven sent!   She is a miracle, and a hard worker who achieves what she sets out to do!

I now find that I have a wealth of business advice, support and a wonderful never-ending list of contacts.

Who are your business heroes?

The people who founded the high street cosmetics store, Lush, and many other self-made business-minded successful entrepreneurs

What are your business goals for the next year?

I want to grow awareness and gain exposure for Silver IMP, to learn as I go and meet other like-minded people. I hope to encourage people to shop and explore in the city, and make it easier and more fun to do so by the use of the Silver IMP app, but I also want to give retailers the chance to make contact with customers ‘out of store’.

Describe your typical day for us. 

I wake up drink my coffee, check my emails and catch up the social media sites I use. My son begins School at 9.am .Then it’s onto the bus and into the city to have meetings about Silver Imp, or attend my part time job at Marks and Spencer.

Best job advice you ever received?

Treat others as you would wish to be treated.

Your plan of attack for the next 12 months?

To establish Silver IMP as a reputable and respectful, fun and innovative company to do business with.




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