The Edinburgh Reporter chatted with rising Scottish comedian Robin Grainger ahead of his set at The Stand.

Hello Robin, how long have you been doing comedy for ?

It’s about 18 months I’d say now.

And what was it that originally attracted you to it ?

I sort of grew up on stand-up I guess. Just watching and reading things like Bill Hicks when I was a lot younger. Humour’s always a big thing I guess. People would often say that I should try it, then one day my mate sent me a link to a competition and I just decided to enter.

What is it you enjoy most about it ?

People laughing at stuff I’ve written – because that’s always a fear! In fact I had been meaning to try it for ages, but that was my main fear, that I was just funny with my friends. If you can make a stranger laugh that’s the main thing, and what I like the most I guess.

Any downsides you’ve found so far ?

The downsides for me are different. It’s more to do with travel, because I live in such a backwood village and it takes such a long time to reach the gigs. But by the time I’m there, I’ve travelled hundreds of miles and I might as well just go for it.

You’ve played all across the country, do you find different people across Scotland have different tastes in comedy ?

It’s down the line for the most part, but depends on the gig you get. For example, student gigs tend to be more dark and punchier stuff, whereas if you’re playing The Stand it needs to be a bit cleverer.

So, you mentioned Bill Hicks earlier, is he your main comedy hero ?

I guess so. He’s a big influence along with Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce. Lee Evans as well. His was the first DVD I got after Bill Hicks. I just love the energy he throws at it. That’s my influence I guess, comedians who just throw everything else away, and put their all into the set.

Where are you hoping to be in a few years time with your comedy ?

Getting paid for it really. Just doing gigs consistently, as opposed to just once a week or even once a month. But yeah, just still doing it I guess.  I always said to myself I’d stop doing it when it stopped being funny.

You recently qualified for the finals of the Laughing Horse New Act of 2012 Finals down in London. Looking forward to it ?

Yeah, I really am. I’m half looking forward to the gig, and half looking forward to just going to London, because I haven’t been before so that’s exciting. It’s just surreal when you do well in a competition, but yeah it should be great.

And lastly, what’s the funniest joke you’ve heard ?

Today I bumped into a person in a wheelchair and they fell out.
It was quite upsetting and I thought to myself ‘I shouldn’t treat this person any differently just because they are in a wheelchair’.
So I drove off.!/RobinValo


Robin played Red Raw at The Stand last night

He also plays the Amused Moose Laugh Off at the Beehive on 15 April 2012 and the Beehive again on 17  April 2012




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