Joanna Mowat is the Conservative candidate for the City Centre Ward.

Joanna says that her main concern is to ensure that the City Centre is an excellent place for people of all ages to live and that residents needs are considered along with all the other users of the City Centre. To this end she has raised a number of issues which impact on the quality of life with the Council including: the impact of the night time economy on residents; disturbance caused by party flats; the impact of extra traffic routed through residential areas due to tram works. She has worked with businesses across the City Centre to try and support them during tram works and streetscape development in the Grassmarket.

She said: “It has been a huge honour to represent the City Centre of Edinburgh and to get to know the residents better. I have made it my job to take their concerns to the Council and ask for them to be addressed. It has been a pleasure to represent them for the last 5 years and I hope to so for another term – I have a lot of unfinished business and dearly hope to be re-elected so I can take care of it.

Joanna speaks for the Conservatives on Finance and Planning and sits on the Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committees, the Regulatory Committee and the Police Board.

Here is a copy of her election leaflet:-

Mowat EA Revised[1]

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