Colin Williamson is one of the two SNP candidates standing for election in Craigentinny/Duddingston Ward.

He told The Edinburgh Reporter:-“My name is Colin Williamson and I am one of the council candidates for the SNP in Craigentinny/Duddingston ward.

I currently work as a community support worker for SAMH which supports the most vulnerable people in society.  My job involves helping them become self sufficient by finding accommodation and employment which re-integrates them into society.  I also spent five years in New Zealand, working in the field of mental health.

My parents became foster parents and I grew up as part of a foster care family.  I was a mentor and supporter to the teenage boys my parents looked after for most of my young life.  

I have also been involved with dog rescue throughout my life.  The Spaniel Rescue for Scotland charity was actually started in my mother’s kitchen.

I am still involved with the group and meet up regularly with many of the volunteers.

I have good links with community groups, residents’ associations, and local community police.

 My experience and enthusiasm will benefit the community if I am fortunate enough to be elected as a councillor for Craigentinny and Duddingston.”

We still require a copy of his election leaflet to complete the picture!