18 April  6-8pm FSB Edinburgh Local Government Hustings

        FSBstrapline            in association with              ENmasthead

 PointHtlThe  Penthouse, Point Hotel

34 Bread Street, EH3 9AF

FSB Edinburgh has teamed up with Edinburgh Evening News for a Council hustings event which takes place on Wednesday, 18th April 2012. 
Council party representatives from each of the political parties will be present to answer your questions. For example:
    • Do you want to know what the Council’s plans are post trams?
    • Do you want to know their future strategy to support independant Businesses in areas like the Royal mile?
    • Are you an Edinburgh business based outside the city centre and want to know what support is available to you?
    • Want to know more about future plans for Leith and the business trading there?
Or do you simply have a burning issue or question you want to put to the Council?
Panellists are listed as : Cllr. Jeremy Balfour(Conservative), Cllr. Tom Buchanan (SNP), Cllr. Andrew Burns (Labour), Cllr. Tim McKay (Lib. Dem), Cllr. Steve Burgess (Green Party).

Have your say and attend one of the final local government election hustings to take place in Edinburgh.

If you have a question you would like to put forward to be answered by the council please include it in the appropriate section on the booking form. All questions will be considered by the committee and you will be contacted at a later date should yours be selected.
To register click here