According to some recent news reports, the latest problem to hit the beleaguered tram project is the allegation that toxic waste has been dumped in Murrayfield in an area only supposed to accept safe waste products. The Daily Record reports that story more fully. However Edinburgh Trams have issued a letter to the residents of Baird Drive advising that the allegations are unfounded. The letter reads as follows:-

Letter to Baird Drive Letters – 2nd March 2012

The Meadows Marathon took place yesterday and we hope that you did not get caught in the shower of hailstones if you were running! If you did and you have any photos then we should be pleased to publish a selection or link to your Flickr account if you have one.

Today it is now less than two months until voting day in the Local Government elections. We are about to run a feature on each councillor and as many candidates as we can contact. If you are a candidate then please get in touch with us

The Edinburgh Secret Society met on Friday night to discuss such things as how to defend yourself with a handkerchief… If you would like to be  told about future events then read the blog here and subscribe for emails. You have to be really fast though – tickets sell out in no time. Tim Cornwell writing in The Scotsman explained a little more about it here…


The Scottish Snowdrop Festival is now well underway and you can take yourselves down to The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh to enjoy the wonderful sight they have laid on for you there. They are also exhibiting panoramic views by David McKinnon Photography outdoors. For other ideas of what to get up to in March then check out our Guide here.