A new scheme to help residents park closer to their homes in south Morningside may soon be introduced following a consultation with local residents.


The original proposals have been changed so they are now concentrated in the streets where there is both community support for them and a need to address parking problems.


If approved by the Council on Tuesday the scheme will be introduced later this year. Residents in the affected streets will be able to apply for permits that give them and their visitors priority over other drivers in marked parking places.


Transport convenor Councillor Gordon Mackenzie said: “We’re giving people what they have asked for in the consultation. Where priority parking is desired then that’s what we’ll look to provide, while not introducing it in those streets where it’s not welcome. There was a very good response from the community and there are strong feelings on both sides but I’m sure this is going to provide the best compromise available. We have listened and will continue to do so.”


As well as the statutory consultation notices, the Council wrote to every address in the area, provided copies of the proposals at local venues and held a public exhibition where Council officers were available to answer residents’ questions about the scheme.

Here is the full text of the report and the recommendations

Item 15 – 93481 Priority Parking in Sth Morning Side – Results of Formal Consultation

The committee will also discuss a report on proposals for controlled parking in the Ashley/Harrison area, which notes that there is insufficient support for the proposals and that other options could be considered in the future.


Streets included in the scheme


Ethel Terrace between Craiglea Drive and Morningside Drive

Dalhousie Terrace between Craiglea Drive and Morningside Drive

Morningside Drive between Comiston Road and Dalhousie Terrace

Braid Crescent between Comiston Road and Dalhousie Terrace

Braid Road between Braid Crescent and Cluny Drive

Corrennie Drive between Hermitage Gardens and Braid Avenue

Cluny Gardens between Hermitage Gardens and Braid Avenue

Braid Avenue between Cluny Gardens and Corrennie Drive

Hermitage Gardens between Cluny Gardens and Braid Crescent

Permits will also be available to residents of these streets:


Braid Road between Cluny Drive and Cluny Gardens

Comiston Gardens

Comiston Place

Comiston Road

Comiston Terrace