Lydia Leith graduated in 2009 from Edinburgh College of Art with an Honours Degree in Visual Communication and Graphic Design. She has not been resting on her laurels however!


You may recall that last year for the Royal Wedding she designed sick bags as a jokey nod to the Royal nuptials. Leith said:-“This was a great boost to the start of my small business and now I hope to carry on designing, making and getting involved with various art and design projects.”


This year she has something else up her sleeve.


Lydia said:-“With all the sports taking place this year my new design is an essential accessory for 2012:- Temporary Sports Tattoos. After the royal wedding sick bags success in 2011, I wanted to do something topical for 2012. We are all aware 2012 is going to be a sporty year!


Temporary tattoos are something I remember from childhood, but I haven’t seen any that have caught my eye for a long time. I knew I wanted to explore this idea and thought sports would be an ideal subject. After all sports is all to do with the power and skill of the body, and tattoos are a way of decorating the body.


People are always wearing flags, scarves etc to support their favourite sport. Temporary tattoos are something people can apply at home, don’t have to carry etc so I thought they are the ideal accessory.”


She went on to explain the inspiration behind it all:-“Another personal tangent is that there is a famous song by the Marks brothers (or Kermit the frog depending on your age) “Lydia the tattooed lady”.  I used to have this sung to me as child, so modelling my designs, and being a tattooed lady was a good way to demonstrate my product.”


The temporary tattoos are applied to skin with a water damp cloth, they last for 2-6 days and can be removed easily with baby oil or an alcohol based make up remover. They are water proof. People with sensitive skin should not use them, just in case, although the tattoos are non toxic and skin safe.


Lydia graduated from ECA in 2009, and since then she has lived in both Newcastle and Carlisle where she has been setting up her design website She currently juggles freelance work with designing and making various products to sell on her online shop.
We really like the Tennis Elbow design….


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