As we advised you yesterday, Edinburgh campaigner, Ani Rinchen Khandro, went to Holyrood this afternoon and handed in the petition bearing over 1,000 names which aims to save the trees at Canonmills Bridge.

Local MSPs Malcolm Chisholm and Marco Biagi were on hand to receive the document from her and to assure her that they would try to help the cause of Stop the Chop.

The campaign is endeavouring to save the trees on the north bank of the Water of Leith and you can read more about it here.


Here is the text of the letter accompanying the petition:-


We, the undersigned, object to the removal of the willow trees on the north bank of the Water of Leith at Canonmills Bridge as part of the Flood Prevention Works.

These trees are of significant value and critical importance to the townscape, streetscape and landscape of this Conservation Area on the edge of a World Heritage Site.

The statutory process regarding this work began with confirmation that these trees would be protected (The Water of Leith Public Enquiry Final Report – 2004), but then shifted to their removal without explicit public notification or consultation (2008 Planning Application – Application No: 08/04025/FUL).

Equally, the extent of work proposed by the Main Contractor – Lagan – appears to contravene the Planning Consent granted, for which a formal objection has been lodged with Edinburgh Council Building Standards.

Furthermore we request a Public Consultation on this matter with a view to finding a solution that will protect both property and trees at this landmark site. 

Edinburgh is home to two world renowned institutions in the field of Landscape Planning and Environmental Conservation, namely: The Edinburgh School of Art & Landscape Architecture and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Senior staff from both of these have signed this petition and expressed their willingness to assist the Council in the consultation process.

Our aim is to modify the current scheme and implement a plan that will protect property from flooding whilst retaining the riverbank trees that are of invaluable benefit to the health and wellbeing of the people of Edinburgh and a source of joy to both residents and visitors from around the world.

Thank you for receiving this petition. We trust you will read the comments of the signatories herein and contact us regarding the above mentioned points.



The Reporter was there to capture the handover.

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