Edinburgh’s Axolotl Gallery is buzzing with activity as Christmas approaches. Their latest exhibition, “Katnes Folio,” opened on Guy Fawkes night, filling the gallery with beautiful and affordable pieces created by artists from Caithness.

This Saturday, 12th November, from 12 – 3 pm the gallery will be hosting an afternoon of cakes and wine on behalf of “The Treasure Trove” from 23a Castle Street. They we will be supplying cakes in exchange for a small donation to The Royal Edinburgh Repository and Self Aid Society.

In the coming weeks, Axolotl will feature the Jock Tamson’s Bairns Exhibition from 17 – 29th November 2011. This exhibition aims to shed light on a diverse group of people who feel a kinship with Scotland, but have also experienced the traditions and experiences of other countries.

The gallery will host open days on both November 19th and 26th from 11am – 6pm. These events will feature special guests, a glass of wine and a celebration of a dynamic, multicultural Scotland.

Following the closure of the Jock Tamson’s Bairns Exhibition, the Axolotl Christmas Show will begin on Friday 2 December from 6 – 9pm. This year’s exhibition will be both immense and diverse featuring illustration by Turine Tran and Miriam Sturdee, embroidery by Sandra Collins, sculpture by Leona Flanagan, photography from Simon Nicholas White and many other styles of work.

Axolotl will also be catering specifically to children this year with weekly storytelling events, masterclasses in book illustration, harp players, mince pies and grape juice (or mulled wine if you are the accompanying adult). More information can be found on Facebook.

Axolotl’s sister gallery, AXO Gallery, will also be featuring a new exhibition. A photography exhibit by young artists, entitled a Different Shot, will be available for viewing from 25 – 27 November.

Axo Gallery will also be hosting a members show from 9 – 11 December when 100% of the profit from opening night goes directly to the artist.