Step away from the treadmill…why you should exercise outside 


Some people prefer to run on a treadmill because they see it as an ‘easier’ or ‘safer’ option.

But they’re missing out on so much.

First, the physical stuff.  When you’re running outdoors, you’ll work harder and burn more calories.  Why?  Because you have to propel yourself forwards, whereas a treadmill does that for you.

Also, uneven terrain, constant changes in incline and obstacles means your foot hits the ground differently with each step. This constantly challenges your balance and the muscles around your joints, resulting in stronger muscles and tendons.  Any wind resistance will make you work even harder.

Another advantage of running outside is the benefit of vitamin D from the sun.  Vitamin D keeps bones healthy and reduces risk of chronic disease.

There are other benefits too.  Exercise reduces blood pressure and stress levels, and improves mood.

And when you’re outdoors, there’s the additional pleasure of seeing what’s going on around you.  Edinburgh is a beautiful city to run in.

It brings out your sense of adventure too – it’s always exciting to find new routes.

Convinced yet? Try it  – you may be very pleasantly surprised.


Jenny MacLean


Jenny MacLean  is on hand to give you some tips on getting to the level of fitness you really want to achieve. And here is someone who knows what they are talking about. Jenny was the fastest Scottish woman in the Edinburgh Marathon, and she runs her own fitness company called EnergyWise.

This is the second of her fitness columns for The Edinburgh Reporter. We hope it helps you to achieve your goals!

You can contact EnergyWise by email or you will find them here:-

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