The Sunday Herald published an article yesterday about those MSPs who are still councillors until the next council elections in May 2012, and who are therefore entitled to a salary as an MSP of £58,000 and as a councillor which is about £16,000. Edinburgh councillor, Alison Johnstone MSP, has confirmed that she does not collect her council salary, but not all erstwhile councillors can say the same as one-third of those who hold both positions still collect both salaries.

Midlothian Council is using a new method of getting repairs to council homes notified to them which they hope will save about £1.4m over the next five years.

Hutchison Community Council meets tonight according to Councillor Andrew Burns (who should know about these things!)

The freshnlo Pedal For Scotland took place yesterday along with a variety of other cycling events. Did you take part? Do you have any photos? then upload them to our Flickr Photostream or send them to us by email. 

If you have a free hour then we recommend the photography exhibition at the Botanics which shows the destruction to the Boreal Forest in Canada by tar sands extraction.

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