Fishers in the City restaurant, Edinburgh, has thrown its weight behind WWF Scotland’s More Fish campaign.


The environmental charity’s campaign calls upon European Ministers and MEPs to commit to transform Europe’s fisheries management in a way that allows fish stocks to recover and secures a brighter future for fishermen, fishing communities and marine wildlife.


Over the coming months WWF Scotland is gathering the support of restaurants, chippies and members of the public from across the country with the aim of getting thousands of people to sign its petition.  These will then be added to the many thousands of other signatures from concerned individuals from across Europe and presented to the European Parliament later this year.


Tia Millar, co-owner of Fishers in the City said:-“We’re big supporters of WWF’s More Fish campaign because it is important to us that our children, grandchildren, and beyond are able to have the pleasure of serving a large variety of fish dishes to the next generation of customers from all over the world.”


Dr Richard Dixon, director of WWF Scotland said:-“We are delighted Fishers has agreed to support our More Fish campaign.  Fishing plays a very important role throughout Scotland, so it is in our interests to make sure that the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy improves the health of Scottish seas and fish stocks, guaranteeing a long-term future for the communities that depend on them.


“Our campaign aims to help fix current, broken fishing rules to deliver more fish and healthy seas. We can fix this problem if there is the political will to do so.  The more people that sign our petition, the stronger the message we can send to the European Parliament to deliver the necessary changes.


“You can support the campaign by signing our petition online at .”