We asked our Twitter followers if they had any photos from Saturday’s royal wedding in the Canongate Kirk, and Dai Lowe got back to us with these snaps of the window display in The Old Children’s Bookshelf (175 Canongate).

You’ll notice that all the books feature the names of people who attended Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall’s big day, including Princess Anne, Prince Harry and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

We spoke to shop owner Shirley Neilson about the display.

“The thing that clinched it was when somebody sold me a book called ‘The Middletons Make Good’,” she explains.  “When I got that I couldn’t not use it!”

“We have had a lot of nice comments, but unfortunately it hasn’t boosted takings particularly.  Our sales were actually decimated by all the crowd restrictions on the Royal Mile on Saturday.”

Still, The Old Children’s Bookshelf has been in the Canongate for around thirteen years, so hopefully one bad day won’t do too much damage.  It grew out of a hobby, and now stocks children’s fiction from across the 20th century as well as a selection of old annuals, comics, magazines and story papers.

They specialise in illustrated books and prints, and stories set in girls’ schools – such as Queen of the Abbey Girls (left).