Another little piece of Edinburgh graffiti for you today. Any idea where we found these delightful little flying pigs?

Reporter readers with a longish memory (i.e. two months ago) will recall that The Guardian Local blogs in Edinburgh Cardiff and Leeds were closed down without too much ceremony at the end of May. The Guardian has just commissioned what it calls a sustainability report and has sounded the death knell again this time for their involvement in local journalism on a national basis. So you are left with us, and the likes of us. What would you like us to report about? Are you organising a meeting to discuss local issues – then tell us! Please email us any news or indeed you may comment at the foot of this article which will go some way to creating a conversation and who knows where that might lead?

The BBC report that David Dinham an IT with the National Library of Scotland has been jailed for two years for embezzling around £500,000 from the National Library of Scotland. Dinham said the funds were used for personal purchases.

STV Local relate the sorry tale (should that be tail?) of Boris, the black spaniel found in a car park in Trinity on Saturday. The dog is said to be underweight by the SSPCA who are caring for him. Any idea whose dog he is?

Cows’ stomachs could hold a key to renewable fuels and a presentation on the subject (could be messy!) will be made in Edinburgh next month according to Farming UK.

We told you yesterday about the three new allotment sites due to open in Edinburgh this year and Cameron Rose tells us of the open day at West Mains allotments this Sunday.