As residents of South Queensferry, Edinburgh’s Lord and Lady Provost are used to admiring the view of the iconic Forth Bridges from their home.

On Sunday 19 June, though, they will be looking at the structures from a very different perspective.

Both George and Elizabeth Grubb are summoning their courage to undertake a daring charity abseil from the historic Forth Rail Bridge.

This will be the first time for the Lord Provost – the Lady Provost is now something of a pro. This is her hat-trick, having done a charity abseil from the Forth Bridge in each of the last two years.

The Lord Provost, 75, who represents the Almond ward on the City of Edinburgh Council, will do the Rotary Forth Bridge Abseil on behalf of The Forth Bridge Memorial Arts Project Trust, which supports the creation of a memorial to the men who lost their lives during the building of the Forth Bridge.

Meanwhile the Lady Provost, 74, is again taking the plunge on behalf of Queensferry Churches Care in the Community (Queensferry Care).

Lord Provost George Grubb said: “Having watched Liz bravely tackling this challenge twice already, I felt it was high time I joined her for the event – I can’t say I’m not nervous, but I’m really looking forward to the experience! I’m delighted to be doing the abseil for the Forth Bridge Memorial Arts Project Trust, which is a cause very dear to my heart and one that I’ve been closely involved with since the start.”

Lady Provost Elizabeth Grubb said: “Although this will be my third time abseiling from the Forth Rail Bridge, I still get a bit jittery beforehand – it’s reassuring to know that I’ll have George by my side this time. I’m raising money again this year for Queensferry Care, in gratitude for everything they did for my late mother. I will be carrying a photograph of my Mum in my pocket as I do the abseil.”

The couple will make their descent at the foot of Hawes Brae, South Queensferry between 1.00 and 2.00 pm.


  1. Bruce that is great……but what about you? In the spirit of our Lord Provost do you not feel the need to jump off a very high structure with your wife….?!

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