On Friday 27th May 2011 Edinburgh St Mark’s, a local Amnesty International group, will be celebrating 50 years of Amnesty International with a fabulous tea party at the renowned Edinburgh café Loopy Lorna’s Tea House and invites everyone to join them!
At 10am the Amnestea Party kicks off with Marco Biagi, the new Edinburgh Central MSP for the Scottish National Party, cutting (and presumably eating) the first slice of the Amnesty International Cake.
Amnesty International began in 1961 with one man’s vision of uniting against injustice and today represents a global movement of ordinary people who believe that humanity and human rights are worth standing up for – or in this case sitting down and enjoying a scrummy cake for!
This event offers people the opportunity to come together and learn more about what Amnesty International means on a local level as well as what it has achieved over the past 50 years internationally.
Jessica Wade, Edinburgh St Mark’s Chairperson said:-“Our group is celebrating today because of all that Amnesty International has achieved over the past 50 years. I am so proud to be part of a movement with over 3 million members world- wide, all standing together in support of human rights and to fight injustice. Despite our successes, there is still much work to be done. I hope that in another 50 years, there will be no need for Amnesty to exist.”
Loopy Lorna’s Amnestea Party marks the beginning of a year of celebrations for Amnesty International at 50 and the Edinburgh St Mark’’s group are proud to be raising their teacups to past, present and future achievements.
Amnesty International: From London to Santiago, from Sydney to Kampala, one person joined with another to insist that the rights of each and every human being are respected and protected.
What: Loopy Lorna’s Amnestea Party

When: 9am – 5pm Friday 27th May 2011, with Marco Biagi MSP at 10am to cut the birthday cake!
Where: Loopy Lorna’s Tea House, Church Hill Theatre Premises 33a Morningside Road, EdinburghEH10 4DR

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