“I’m most frustrated by the trams,” said Council Leader Jenny Dawe when asked about the worst thing that has happened during her time in office.

With First Minister, Alex Salmond, claiming that all the money spent on the project will come to nothing,  Jenny Dawe remains positive. “We have a better relationship now with the consortium.”

Dawe believes the problems were there before she started her term in 2007. “The basic work on the contracts had already been done on a cross-party basis.” She also explained:-“No councillor could have done anything about it.  You’re totally in the hands of all the legal experts.” She also commented that:- “There were holes in the contract from the consortium.”

Jenny Dawe was also disappointed about the general media coverage of The Gathering. “Some of the coverage has been quite frankly unfair, I can assure you I did not lie in court.”

She was positive about other developments during her term with the next council elections taking place in May of next year.

Looking at the past fours years she said, “it’s actually a substantial number of things we have achieved.”

One of the key introductions from her term includes the Re-ablement project which aims to improve health and social care.

We will bring you the full interview with Ms Dawe shortly but wanted to bring you this snippet ahead of the announcement regarding the trams this afternoon.

More on that later!

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