Eight of Scotland’s local authorities, including The City of Edinburgh Council united to launch a renewable energy alliance at All Energy in Aberdeen today

The local authorities from Aberdeenshire to East Lothian have formed East Coast Renewables, a new alliance set up to promote the east coast’s many resources to the renewable energy industry and collaborate at a regional scale, ensuring there is joined up strategic leadership to support this rapidly emerging sector.

East Coast Renewables was launched at a packed networking event by Aberdeen’s Lord Provost, Peter Stephen. Seagreen Wind Energy’s Robert East then talked about the benefits of collaboration in the public sector.

Tony Martin, Fife Council’s Chair of the Environment, Enterprise and Transportation Committee, then rounded up the speeches. He said: “East Coast Renewables is developing a strategy to help us successfully capitalise on the economic opportunities presented by the renewables sector.

“Our primary aim is to demonstrate the vast number of supply chain and development resources we have between Aberdeen and East Lothian, including major ports, leading manufacturers, quayside locations, several universities and a highly skilled workforce.

“In today’s climate, collaboration really makes sense and a number of organisations, including additional local authorities, universities and national agencies have expressed an interest in joining.”

Aberdeen Lord Provost Peter Stephen said: “Scotland is in a privileged position in that it not only has the industry experience and know-how but it is rich in sustainable energy resources.

“The East Coast Renewables consortium offers a significant opportunity for Scotland to lead the way globally and capitalise on this phenomenal growth sector – a sector that is particularly valuable during these challenging economic times. Aberdeen, Europe’s Energy
Capital, is proud to be playing an active role in East Coast Renewables.”

The collected resource of East Coast Renewables has already represented members at Europe’s leading wind energy conference and exhibition in Brussels and launched a map highlighting quayside development opportunities close to Scotland’s offshore wind development zones.

East Coast Renewables represents Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG), Dundee, Angus, Perth & Kinross, Fife, Edinburgh and East Lothian local authorities. Working in partnership with Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International it will further develop the renewable energy sector and promote the East Coast of Scotland as a key location for investment.


  1. How about these local authorities come together and create a public sector renewable development company- let the people own some of the vast wealth of renewables. Norway and Sweden do it- why can’t we?

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