The First Minister, Alex Salmond, returned to Edinburgh tonight aboard the helicopter he has become accustomed to using in recent days, during what has turned out to be the most successful campaign in the history of the SNP.

The party will return to Holyrood with a voting majority when MSPs are sworn in next week for the first time in the history of the Scottish Parliament.

There have been some upsets, not the least of which was the Conservative Leader, Annabel Goldie who lost the constituency vote, but has been returned to office on the regional list vote. She claimed that the only reason that the SNP won was that the Tory and LibDem votes had defected.

However tonight was all about the SNP and their historic victory. Whether or not that results in a referendum on Scotland’s independence we shall have to wait and see, but in any event we are led to believe that such a referendum would only be persuasive and not legally binding.

We were there with the press pack, and Deputy Minister, Nicola Sturgeon,  to greet him, all a bit tired by now,  but still desperate to get the best shots at Prestonfield House.

A rather surprising guest was former MP, Michael Portillo, who was there with a film crew making a documentary.

We hope that you like our photographs of Saltire 1 arriving at Prestonfield House and the First Minister delivering his speech to waiting journalists. He started by telling us how much he especially liked Kirkcaldy today :-

Alex Salmond by PMStephen


  1. Mr Salmond
    Congratulations of the results of the recent voting in Scotland. Your aim is obviously independence for Scotland, the problem you have however is I doubt that you will get a mandate for that via a referendum of the Scottish people. Here is the solution, campaign to allow the people of England to vote in a referendum for Scottish independence and I guarantee that you will win!
    The people south of your border are frankly totally fed up of the moaning and whinging of the people in Scotland the sooner that Scotland is independent the better. The sooner that part of my tax’s are stopped from subsidising you lot the better and the sooner that Scottish MP’s, who have zero interest in my future leave Westminster and can concentrate in your isolationist future.
    In my view and a lot of peoples view, Emperor Hadrian had the right idea!
    A Walsh

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