The UK’s first National Wine Month in May aims to take the average wine drinker beyond their normal wine boundaries and to explore, discover and enjoy the wide variety of wines available in the UK. To celebrate, is co-hosting an exclusive wine tasting and glass demonstration (Make Time for Wine – in the right glass) with Maximilian J Riedel, CEO Riedel Crystal at Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh on 23rd May.
This 8000 year old beverage is said to be purchased by more shoppers than any other alcoholic drink, and May traditionally marks the start of the summer wine-drinking period. The Riedel event will focus on the significance of the relationship between the shape of the wine glass and the enjoyment of wine, in marked contrast to the usual focus on the attributes of the wine being tasted. The event is part of the month long initiative created by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.
Gulp offers a range of functional, quirky and elegant products – “everything inedible for eating, drinking, cooking, entertaining, living and giving” – including award-winning European designs, a number of exclusives and a comprehensive range of Riedel wine glasses, all personally selected by owner Miriam Fogarty. Since August 2010 there has been a Gulp store in North Berwick High Street, East Lothian and the website has been in operation for just over a year.
Miriam said, “This Riedel event is really exciting news for any wine lover. I have been a fan of the glassware for years and was delighted when I was able to persuade the family to consider Edinburgh for one of these rare occasions.”
Riedel Crystal has a 250 year history and was the first company to introduce the concept of grape-specific glassware which maximises the pleasure and sensory qualities of wine and is recognised worldwide as a producer of high quality and unique glassware. Riedel is 100% family owned and operated by Georg J. Riedel and his son Maximilian J. Riedel. Each calendar year father or son conducts a limited number of demonstrations around the world. Visits to the UK and particularly Scotland are rare – it is more than 10 years since an Edinburgh visit.
Make Time for Wine this May with Gulp and Riedel.