Lights are set to go out across Midlothian on Saturday March 26th as the Council and local residents show their support for Earth Hour. Earth Hour is a World Wide Fund for Nature initiative aimed at raising awareness of climate change. The WWF is inviting people across the globe to turn their lights off for an hour at 8.30pm on Saturday 26th March.

Since its 2007 debut in Sydney Australia, Earth Hour has grown to become a global event. In 2010 hundreds of millions of people in 128 countries and 4,000 cities participated, with lighting being switched off on a wide variety of buildings including on some of the world’s best known landmarks.

Midlothian Council and the Midlothian Community Planning Partnership have signed up to support the Earth Hour initiative and are encouraging others to sign up too.

Cllr Derek Milligan, Leader of Midlothian Council, said: “We’re encouraging everyone in Midlothian to support Earth Hour by switching off lights at 8.30pm on Saturday. To show its recognition of the need for collective action in addressing climate change, the Council will be supporting Earth Hour by switching off the external lights at Midlothian House in Dalkeith.”

Residents, businesses and organisations are also invited to push Midlothian up the league table of Earth Hour sign ups.