Who are you, and where did you come from?

I am Nick Gould and I am the managing partner of mobile communications specialist Veecom Systems. We are proud to be the only Vodafone Platinum Partner in Scotland in a very competitive marketplace. After a year working for a mobile communications company called National Radiofone, I started the business in 1986 at the very beginning of the mobile communications boom.

What is the business book you recommend that everyone should read?

I have read a lot of books over the years that have helped me in my business and life – I would definitely recommend How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Fish! by Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D., Harry Paul and John Christensen and Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

What do you think are your business strengths and weaknesses?

I have a strong will to succeed and huge self belief allied with good communication skills. Perhaps a weakness is that I can be too trusting which has proved expensive a number of times in the past!

What was the defining moment on your career path that has got you where you are now?

When I was a boy I used to do a double paper round every Sunday for 75p. When I decided to sell my bike and get a better one I discovered that it is easier to buy and sell than lug papers around.

How do you spend your spare time?

My wife Jane and I have two boys and an excitable dog, I play saxophone in a number of bands, I’m a regular gym-goer and like to play with old cars – so life is pretty full-on all the time. The secret is never to sit down – if I do that I tend to fall asleep!

Do you think you achieve a good work/life balance?

Too much work! But when I play I play hard!

What makes Edinburgh the best location for you to live and/or work?

The people, the setting, the culture, the architecture (but not the trams).

What is your special area of Edinburgh, or special place in Edinburgh and why?

Cammo Woods is my favourite place in the world, I have been going there for nearly 40 years and love it. I go nearly every day and enjoy the walk every time.

What would you consider the pinnacle of your career?

I have enjoyed good fortune for twenty-five years and haven’t reached the pinnacle yet, I am always looking for success.

If you have a mentor then could you tell us who that is and about your relationship.

I have a number of mentors who have inspired me over the years; dealing with a large number of people means I see a lot different approaches to business.

I have a couple of people who have been significant over the years, one of whom is still very active in business in his eighties and is still doing business, having retired at least three times to my knowledge.

What benefits does that mentor relationship bring to you and your business?

A viewpoint from outside the business can be very valuable if you are too close to the coal face.

Which networking groups in Edinburgh have you found particularly useful?

I have attended a number of networking events and been part of a few different ones – but I tend to spend a lot of time networking with my clients and potential clients.

Who are your business heroes?

Quincy Jones – he is the consummate business man and a creative genius too.

What are your business goals for the next year?

I have very specific goals that all members of the Veecom team are working towards – these are simple and easy to understand. I feel it is very important to communicate these things to your colleagues so they all feel that they are making a contribution. One of our main goals is to grow our client base more rapidly by taking exciting new products successfully to market.

Describe your typical day for us.

I get to the office about 8.30 and get on with e-mail and speaking to the rest of the team. I still have a lot of daily sales activity and I meet clients on most days – I enjoy doing business and consider many of my clients to be friends as well.

I spend time with the various teams in the business admin, technical and sales to assist them where I can and I regularly meet people from Vodafone who help us do our business.

Best job advice you ever received?

The harder you work the luckier you get!

Your plan of attack for the next 12 months?

Keep a close track of the money, work hard and smart, make sure I keep moving towards my goals in both personal life and business, and most importantly have fun whilst doing it.