Former Edinburgh College of Art graduate, Lydia Leith, has a novel take on what Royal Weddings are about. For her it is not about the dress, or the cars and coaches, or the bridesmaids and pageboys but a rather more unusual take on what you need to remember the big day…

Leith has made some Royal Wedding sickbags. Yes you really did read that correctly!

She said:-“The idea for the bags came up when I was having dinner with my family and we were talking about the Royal wedding and I had the idea of making sickbags as a lighthearted alternative to the Royal memorabilia.

They were always intended as a bit of fun not to be taken too seriously. I am utterly astonished at how popular they’ve been as I only expected to sell a handful to friends and family. A few people seem to have taken it a bit too seriously but for the best part everyone is taking them for what they are – a bit of fun!

It’s my first Royal wedding and there’s going to be a street party back at my home town so I intend to go there – I might even make some bunting!”

You can buy your own here…..