Edinburgh’s spectacular Hogmanay programme begins on Thursday 30 December – four days and nights of amazing events throughout the city. The celebrations do however bring some disruption to traffic, parking and loading.

A number of roads will be subject to closures and parking restrictions to ensure that on-street events can take place safely. Some parking restrictions will also be required to keep diversion routes in the city clear.

To enable you to plan your journey The City of Edinburgh Council has a list of all diversions as well as any other road works.


  1. Hey Folks,

    If you are travelling to Edinburgh for Hogmanay, I am just going to ask a little favour; I have set up a website called goCarShare that helps people share car journeys. We are doing a big push for Hogmanay.

    The idea behind the website is getting people to share car journeys so that everyone saves money (the passenger pays the driver a contribution towards fuel costs), you get to meet fun people enroute and you reduce your carbon footprint.

    goCarShare is built around Facebook so you can see the profile of the person you’ll be sharing with, and whether you have friends or interests in common.

    It would be great if you could give it a try.



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