It’s been the ruin of many a night out – a bar or club where the music is so loud you can’t talk to your friends or try to chat up a new love interest.

But Edinburgh’s newest style bar has found the solution with a revolutionary new sound system that can adjust sound levels by detecting the depth and number of people in the area.

It means an end of never been able to hear yourself think, let alone speak – and of the other problem of music being too low to create the right atmosphere.

L.A White Leisure the team behind Hyde Out, which will open early November in the Edinburgh Quay area, has invested in a series of top quality Bang and Olufsen products to provide the ultimate sound system, adding to the cool urban setting of the bar.

Combining state of the art technology with eye catching design, the Beosound 9000 – located on the bar upper floor east facing wall – features a row of six compact discs in glass casing.

A series of stylish active speakers will then project the purest sound possible, using innovative technology to automatically alter the sound to their environment.

The speakers are able to detect the depth and number of people in the surrounding area and adjust the sound accordingly.

Rory McWhirter director of L.A White Leisure said: “The atmosphere of a bar is extremely important. If a bar doesn’t have the right atmosphere customers will not return.

“A big part of creating that atmosphere is having the right music – with the right music system to play it on.

“But everyone’s been to a place where they’ve complained that the music is too loud to talk – a big problem particularly when you are trying to chat up someone of the opposite sex.

“We think we’ve found the solution with our new sound system which is unlike anything else seen in the country – and who knows, we might even help start new relationships that have been doomed in other places.

“In everything we have done with Hyde Out we have strived to give our customers the highest quality possible and that hasn’t stopped with the music.

“With a reputation for quality that far exceeds any other company, Bang and Olufsen where the obvious choice for us and after testing out their product range we settled on the Beosound 9000 and the active speakers.

“It’s a fabulous design and will look pretty impressive when all in place. We really like how we have been able to match the colour and design of the speakers to our own design, enhancing it even further.

“Now all we need to do is choose some top quality music to play on it – although with a system as good as this even the most dodgy of songs would probably sound amazing!”

Hyde Out will open early November and will be one of the city’s hottest new style bars, offering a cool and luxurious urban setting for the city’s young professionals and students.  More information about the bar can be found on their Facebook page  and on their Twitter page