We only just heard this news  – and it is getting late in the day….. But we have to share with you the great story that The Herald carries today – that Apple may be about to move into Princes Street!

Now everything you see here on The Edinburgh Reporter is prepared on a Mac. There is a big Mac and a baby Mac in the Reporter Office. We adore everything Apple, so a fix of the inside of an Apple store right here on our doorstep would be just fantastic. You may have guessed we are a bit excited, but we have spent many happy hours in a few different Apple stores across the world!

The only other Apple stores in Scotland are in Aberdeen and Glasgow, although we have to say that we are on first name terms with the nice Daniel at PC World in Corstorphine too……

Would it be too much to hope that they could put in a theatre style demo area like the one they have in their San Francisco store? Maybe we will just have to make do with the Genius Bar. Oh what a great way to end the day.

C’mon City of Edinburgh Council – this would be a real coup for Princes Street to get a shiny Apple store.


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