The relatively new website tells us the long, complicated story behind the proposed development of the gap site at Morrison Street, Haymarket.

They explain in detail that instead of the planned 17 storey hotel and office complex, which was rejected after a public enquiry, there is a new proposal to put up a smaller hotel, office accommodation and retail units. Unfortunately, it seems that there may still be some objections to the new proposal from Irish Property company, Tiger Developments.

The problem according to the considerably shorter article in The Scotsman is that the plans appear very similar indeed.

You can read the whole story on by clicking here.

The development of such a key site is a major issue. If the development of a 17 storey building had been allowed to go ahead it would have impacted on the whole profile of the city whether viewed from the west on approach from the airport or from other landmarks in the city such as Edinburgh Castle. The new development therefore deserves close scrutiny.

[googleMap name=”Morrison Street Edinburgh” width=”400″ height=”400″]Morrison Street Edinburgh[/googleMap]

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