A bespoke tartan created in The Pope’s honour has proved a huge hit according to its manufacturers  who say they are working flat out to cope with demand. If you were wondering what that was round His Holyness’s shoulders on Thursday then you now have the answer.

Ingles Buchan manufactured the St Ninian’s Day Tartan – known as the Papal Tartan – which was presented to Pope Benedict XVI on his arrival in Scotland by Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien.

Colin Brown, Managing Director of Ingles Buchan, said: “Since Pope Benedict was seen wearing the tartan during his visit on Thursday, demand has gone through the roof.

“As a traditional manufacturer of high quality tartan we often take on high profile projects, and naturally we expected this one to be popular, but this is in a league of its own and the phone has literally not stopped ringing with orders from across the globe.”

The unique blue, white, green red and yellow tartan – designed by Matthew Newsome, director of the Scottish Tartans Museum, North Carolina – was woven in Selkirk.

The family firm, which has been weaving Scottish tartans for almost half a century, has now got a second weave of the tartan on its looms.  Products are expected to become available in October.

Members of the public looking to get their hands on the bespoke tartan can visit www.inglesbuchan.com or call 0141 553 1530 for more information.