Edinburgh is to become the first airport in the UK to see the introduction of a pay-as-you-go car scheme. Streetcar, which offers access to a range of BMW and VW vehicles on an hourly basis, will locate vehicles at the airport in an effort to enhance links to and around the city for incoming business travellers and tourists.

For ease of access, the vehicles will be located at the airport’s fastTRACK parking facility, a minute’s walk from the terminal building.

Brett Akker, Streetcar’s co-founder, said: “This is great news for travellers who want the convenience of picking up a car at the airport,without the delay of queuing to complete paperwork and pick up a key. Streetcar members from across the UK will be able to fly into Edinburgh and pick up a pre-booked vehicle from the fastTRACK car park with the swipe of a card. It will save people considerable time and energy, in an environment where every minute counts.”

Kevin Brown, Managing Director, Edinburgh Airport, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer our passengers the option of Streetcar’s innovative and efficient service. Edinburgh Airport works hard to make our passengers’onward journey as easy as possible and Streetcar is a fantastic addition to that effort. My team and I are looking forward to working with Streetcar in providing the best experience for those travelling through Edinburgh.”

Streetcar has become an increasingly popular alternative for those who need occasional use of a vehicle with people attracted to its flexibility,convenience and cost effectiveness. The concept has also received recognition for its strong environmental record, challenging many people to reconsider the need for car ownership.

As well as Edinburgh, the scheme currently boasts over 1400 locations across nine other cities; London, Brighton, Cambridge, Southampton, Guildford,Maidstone, Oxford, Bristol and Glasgow. With its dense network of locations including many major railway stations, this move marks the next phase in Streetcar’s plan to provide people with an integrated transport option that replaces the need to own a car.

Members book a car online or over the phone by the hour, day or week, and use smartcards or the company’s iPhone app to unlock the vehicle.

Scott Sampson, a Company Director and a Streetcar member said: “For me,travelling between London and Edinburgh as I do, having the chance to pick up a new Streetcar at Edinburgh Airport is going to be of enormous benefit,both for business and socially. In the past I’ve had to use car rental companies, but now it will be a huge advantage to be able to jump into a familiar Streetcar which will feel like it has been left there waiting for my return. Streetcar gives me the freedom to drive myself into town for business, and has the added bonus of being invaluable for my social life.”

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