A package of reforms aimed at modernising conservation charity, the National Trust for Scotland, has been overwhelmingly backed by its members. Delegates voted by 424 to two in favour of recommendations put forward in a review by former Holyrood presiding officer George Reid, a Trust spokesman at the charity’s Annual General Meeting in Glasgow on Saturday 25 September.

Outgoing interim chairman Dick Balharry said: -“This is a new dawn for the National Trust for Scotland. I am entirely positive about the future. The new chairman, Sir Kenneth Calman, and chief executive Kate Mavor now have the remit and authority to move ahead with the Trust’s modernisation and to ensure it endures to conserve Scotland’s heritage.”

Sir Kenneth Calman officially took up his role at the head of the organisation at the meeting on Saturday.

The details of what is proposed are in the publication Fit for Purpose which you can access on the NTS website. There are still fears that the NTS may have to address its earlier mismanagement and sell of some of their properties. Part of the problem was identified as the fact that NTS do not have a list of all properties which they own and manage.