Edinburgh today has been at its most grey and bleak so if you really can’t stand it any longer then you could run away to…………….Canna….

An appeal has been mounted to find a family wanting to move the tiny Hebridean island of Canna. Islanders on Canna, which is owned by the National Trust for Scotland, are advertising for a family to fill the three-bedroom MacIssacs Cottage, which is currently being restored.

“MacIssacs has been empty for more than 20 years,” said Deb Baker, Secretary of Canna Community Association, “but thanks to a generous donation from several members of its Patrons’ Club, the Trust is in the process of transforming the cottage into a welcoming family home.

“The cottage is typical of many properties on the island that have fallen into disrepair over the years as people have migrated away from the island, but we’re very keen to reverse that trend and are delighted that MacIssacs will soon be available for rent.”

Canna currently has a population of 21 people, most of whom have moved to the island to take up an existing position.

However, as Deb explains, the family would need to be either employed or self-employed.

“In recent years, a number of people have moved to the island to fill specific roles, however, the family we’re looking for would need to bring the work with them or create a role for themselves or bring the work with them.

“The island has broadband, so remote working might be an option, alternatively the opportunity may appeal to someone in the arts, crafts, tourism or fishing industries.

“We’d especially like a family with young children to move here to boost numbers in the islands small primary school which currently has four pupils. And as the number of children on the island grows, there may be an opportunity of part-time work for someone with childcare or educational skills.”

Applicants will be screened carefully by the community and the Trust to see if they are suitable for island life.

“Living in such a remote location isn’t for everyone,” said Stewart Connor, who moved to the island in August this year to manage the island for the National Trust for Scotland.

“It is vital we find people who are prepared to throw themselves into community life, are resilient, resourceful, self-reliant and have a positive, solutions-focused mindset.”

The cottage, which is owned by the Trust, will be available for rent in March next year.

Anyone interested should contact Deb Baker on debbaker21@yahoo.co.uk