4page-img52The film was shown on Thursday evening and it made a beautiful start to Edindocs.

The story centres round Oli, an elderly woman living alone in a large house falling apart at the seams, full to bursting with all her stuff and inhabited by her pet dog and a pony called Baby. Georgina Hurcombe used to visit the former headmistress for tuition in Maths and English after school when she was at primary school. Oli taught many local children in her post-retirement years. Hurcombe then went to study film-making and realised that Oli would be a good subject for such a film. It has taken about eight years to bring the film to the big screen, so this has been a long time in the making.

1This is a determined woman who was a great beauty in her day, something which shines through in her love of clothes and make-up. Despite her infirmity Oli lives on her own with minimal care from occasional care workers. This film points to a different way of living out your final days than simply being shipped off to the nearest nursing home. Having no family is perhaps an advantage in this particular case. The film is beautifully composed, and the audience was captivated by it.

Not sure where it can be seen next but Hurcombe’s website www.lovelovefilms.com may give you further information.

IMG_2134Edindocs has been staged at The Church Hill Theatre over the last few days and is organised by Stuart McInnes.

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