blue-lottery-ballOn Friday 1 October, punters taking part in the EuroMillions draw could win a jackpot of £82million. The payout is one of the biggest in the game’s history according to Camelot and it comes on the back of a fine run of luck for British players. Since June ten winners in the UK have netted a total of almost £350 million.

Such grand sums of money are hard to fathom for most of us mere mortals of course, so to put things in perspective, here’s what £82 million could buy you in terms of Scottish property:

The 800 most affordable houses in Edinburgh advertised on or the 113 most expensive.
Every property currently available for sale in Marchmont & Bruntsfield. Twice over.
Over 450 two-bedroom flats in the Capital.

Or for those looking for something further afield, £82million would have allowed you to buy every property sold in Shetland since January 2008.

ESPC chief executive Malcolm Cannon said:- “Vast sums of money like this are frankly fanciful for most of us so it’s always interesting to put them in some sort of context. Even in today’s market, property is still a popular investment for those looking at the longer-term and it’s quite mind-boggling to think of the number of homes one could buy with that sort of cash.

Of course, managing and maintaining so many homes could be a little tricky and if anyone is lucky enough to hit the jackpot I’d think a glass of something refreshing followed by a relaxing holiday somewhere warm would be a perfectly admirable course of action in the short-term!”