A stylish new venue has been given the go ahead by licensing bosses.

LA White Leisure has spent more than a year securing permission to open in the heart of Edinburgh’s canal side Edinburgh Quay development.

The leisure group will now transform the building formerly occupied by a previous bar venture, Embark.

Councillor Jim Lowrie Convener of planning at Edinburgh Council said: “It is superb that permission has been granted for this venture to go ahead.

“The development and the regeneration of the Edinburgh Quay area is set to take off over the next few years and a bar venue such as this will be an added bonus, providing extra footfall and much needed vitality to the area. “

LA White Leisure was founded by Rory McWhirter and a silent partner. The young entrepreneur, a Heriot Watt graduate, will run the venue with manager Rowan Milne.

He added: “It has been a long process so we’re thrilled the licence has now been granted.

“It is an important moment for us, because the investment is in place, the concept is fully worked out and the design is complete.

“Now we can actually get on with the fit out and planning for a really special opening. This is going to be a bar that surprises a lot of people.

“The overall design is fantastic and we’ll be providing some quirky and surprising extras, so watch this space.”

Work begins on the venue this week and is set to open at the end of September.


  1. Yes we are aware that this is possibly the case – but surely you want to know which new bars are going to spring up in the city anyway? We proceed on the basis that all news relating to Edinburgh of whatever kind and wherever it comes from has a place on this site – as indeed do all your comments which we are pleased to air. Thank you for reading!

  2. Unfortunately..the way you talk uncritically of a ‘stylish’ new venue seems to suggest that you give it the seal of approval. Surely a newspaper, online or not, should approach its reporting in a more independent manner? Maybe local people don’t want bar(or perhaps they do,i don’t know), there may be other issues like environmental impact etc etc: this is a subject (like all others) for which there are many angles, not just that of those promoting the bar.

    I’m quite certain you know this 🙂

  3. Yes you have a valid point. Perhaps the word stylish was a little loosely used. We will be more careful!

    But the Edinburgh Quay area is however one that we do quite like. It has certainly tidied up an otherwise dreary part of town don’t you think?

  4. Thanks for the response.

    Perhaps…but i can think of better ways of improving dreary zones of Edinburgh.

    Anyway, i’m keeping an eye on you on Twitter now. I’m quite certain you’re quaking in your boots.

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