Ever since the launch of the Wii, commentators have been overly negative towards the system and the company. Critics felt that the simplification of controls and hardware that was rooted in the previous generation showed that Nintendo didn’t have what it takes to be cutting edge, modern and move gaming in general and graphics in particular to the next plateau. This is an opinion that although I understand, feel is lazy and blinkered. But it is something Nintendo have been unable to shake and this has had a detrimental effect in the franchises that have been brought to the system.

This years Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 is in full swing and Nintendo have just had their press conference, showing off their latest system; the 3DS and a slew of games. Some of the titles shown, may be seen as ‘casual’ if such a hideous term must be used, but many of the games announced show that Nintendo can still pull out all the stops when it comes to that equally hideous term, ‘hardcore’.

Not only are there home grown titles from the company itself, such as Donkey Kong Country Returns, franchises from other developers like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil and Golden Eye among many others are making a return to Nintendo consoles. Nintendo themselves are adding to the list with a brand new Animal Crossing, a 3D remake of StarFox 64, a portable Paper Mario game and the long rumoured Kid Icarus. Even I must admit that it has been a while since there has been such a varied and impressive lineup from Ninty and as the hours roll on since the announcements began things just seem to look increasingly better, with trailers online for games like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and pictures hidden away of Super Street Fighter IV for the 3DS it looks like Nintendo will be calling home some fans that may have lost faith or strayed from the nest.

And I for one could not be happier.