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Letter from Scotland

We need to talk about Abigail. No, not my four year old grand-daughter, but the first “named” storm of the winter.  The Met Office has taken to naming our storms as they blow in,...

Changes to Scotland Bill to protect Independence of Scots Law

The Scottish Government yesterday took moves to strengthen the Scotland Bill and protect what it sees as a threat to the independence of the Scottish legal system. Following the publication of an independent Review Group's...

Scotland – Land of Opportunity?

In 2011, Scotland could take major steps toward securing the powers needed to maximise the nation's economic potential and increase opportunities for all of Scotland, according to External Affairs Minister Fiona Hyslop.As scrutiny of...

The Scotland Bill to be examined by Holyrood

The Scottish Government has moved quickly to enable scrutiny of the Scotland Bill by the Scottish Parliament.In a Ministerial Statement to the Scottish Parliament, External Affairs Minister Fiona Hyslop announced that a legislative consent...

Real responsibility for Holyrood?

First Minister Alex Salmond has commented on the Scotland Bill by saying that the 'far too limited' fiscal powers proposed are a missed opportunity to strengthen the Scottish Parliament and Scotland's economy. The FM set...


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