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Panda update from Edinburgh Zoo

The update is really a no news kind of update. There is no panda cub...yet. The notional date on which the female panda Tian Tian would give birth has now passed.The matter first came...

Pandas no longer on the endangered list

The two pandas at Edinburgh Zoo may not have had any offspring since their arrival from China but the pressure to procreate appears to be off. The giant panda is no longer on the endangered list published by...

Pandas at play

The zoo have a peculiar name for feeding the animals - it is called enrichment when the press are invited and maybe it marks a special birthday or anniversary.Now Edinburgh Zoo have filmed the...

Tian Tian back on show – no panda cub this year

Edinburgh Zoo has confirmed today that Tian Tian the female giant panda is not pregnant. Director of the Giant Panda project, Iain Valentine, explained:“Tian Tian’s hormone levels have now returned to normal, so we...

No panda cub for Edinburgh Zoo this year

It looks as though the waiting game is over, as the Zoo have issued a statement about the giant panda Tian Tian which confirms that they do not believe she is pregnant. It appears...

Bearing gifts as the world awaits news about UK’s first panda cub

While we are all waiting for the equivalent of the Royal birth here in Edinburgh one of the companies who are trying to help the zoo ensure that any panda cub is given the...

Panda update – no news today

Edinburgh Zoo is celebrating its centenary this year and of course there would be no better way to celebrate than a little panda cub. Some media are already reporting Tian Tian's pregnancy as a...

Edinburgh Zoo Panda keepers on 24 hour watch for cub

Just as the Fringe is coming to an end in Edinburgh so great excitement builds along the road in Edinburgh Zoo that the female giant panda Tian Tian is truly pregnant with one or...


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