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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 – Momentum Venues

Momentum Venues presents such a varied array of shows that one would be hard pressed to find a reason not to venture down Howe Street to their hub at St Stephen’s Centre. Confronting the task...

Where to eat and drink – Civerino’s Italian Street Food & Pizza Bar

Civerino’s is located just off the Royal Mile near the Tron Kirk in Hunter Square. The restaurant serves a fanatastic selection of family recipes handed down through Michel’s family, featuring Italian street food and of...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Bianco_Here Be Dragons *****

If like me you were taken to the circus as a child, you may be expecting an evening of animals jumping through hoops and clowns making rather obvious jokes. Well forget all that -...

Watch out! The Uglies are back!

 Cinderella had a terrible life, right?  And her ugly sisters were to blame - of course!  But have you ever looked at this from the siblings' point of view?In 2011, The Uglies Do Edinburgh,...

Gayfield Creative Spaces: a new design centre opens in Broughton

There are many art and design galleries in Edinburgh, but I doubt if there are many like Gayfield Creative Spaces.  This new venture at the top of Leith Walk is the brainchild of Dr...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013 – REVIEW – The Bloody Ballad ****.5

The Bloody Ballad, Assembly Roxy 7:45pm, until 25 Aug (except 12, 19), £12 (£10 concessions)The audience had barely sat down before The Bloody Ballad began with the jovial shouts of 4 of the 5...


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