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Opposition to Low Traffic Neighbourhood continues

by Joseph Anderson Local Democracy ReporterOpposition councillors are demanding that the council consults with residents ahead of implementing plans for a low traffic neighbourhood scheme in East Craigs.The council’s ruling SNP/Labour coalition set...

Council delay decision on East Craigs LTN for two weeks

Although a considerable time was spent discussing the proposed introduction of the East Craigs Low Traffic Neighbourhood this morning, and a decision was taken by the committee to put it in place, the final...

Councillors to decide today on plans for Low Traffic Neighbourhood in East Craigs

Members of the Transport and Environment Committee will meet this morning to discuss and possibly approve the plans to introduce a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) in East Craigs.The council plans on introducing measures...

East Craigs GP practice to change management this week

On 30 November East Craigs Medical Practice will remain open but it will not be run by the GP partners after that date.[googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m0!4v1511710254341!6m8!1m7!1sh75BqZCqP6-xvkn1P_xfgg!2m2!1d55.95089353182604!2d-3.303490477861288!3f234.49728931671396!4f-9.418090467543053!5f1.1924812503605782&w=600&h=450]According to a notice on the practice website the partners took...

House fire in East Craigs

UPDATED AT 14.27Neighbours had to be evacuated by the fire and rescue service in the early hours of this morning after a house fire on North Bughtlin Gate in the East Craigs area of...


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