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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 – Triplex Adventures

Schoolboy Chao, runs away from the world of junk food and decayed teeth for a new, healthier life. But those villains won’t give up without a fight. Triplex Adventures is a musical showcase being brought to...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 REVIEW : Shouty Arthur ***

Like many small boys, Arthur enjoys nothing more than making a racket.Like many superior sisters, Edith has had enough of her little brother. She likes reading and nature. Quiet nature.In Grapple Theatre’s new show...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 – Puzzle

Lithuanian dance show Puzzle, a dance performance for babies, is headed for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to entertain the very youngest audiences of all at the ZOO venue.After a limited run at the 2015 Fringe Puzzle...


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