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#SPE21RESULT Edinburgh Central – Angus Robertson wins for SNP

The election results for Edinburgh Central have been announced.The new MSP is Angus Robertson who is of course a longstanding politician and former MP. He told us he has no illusions about going...

Angus Robertson has hopes for Holyrood

Angus Robertson is seeking the SNP nomination so that he can become the SNP candidate in Edinburgh Central for the Scottish Parliament elections in May 2021.The formal process for choosing the party's candidate is...

Letter from Scotland

She’s been sent home to think again…..Theresa May about Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon about a second independence referendum.  And, in a way, we’ve all been forced to think again.  What’s come out of this extraordinary...

Heated Exchanges on Question Time from Edinburgh

BBC One's political flagship debate show Question Time was broadcast from Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange last night, in front of an audience of 16-17 year olds who will be able to vote for the first time on 18...


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